Duration: 1 day
Method: Hot and strip wax
Kit: Included - See below
Cost: £375

On this course you will learn:
Theory is Compulsory (Online Home learning)
	Preparation for the treatment
	Client expectations and communication techniques
	Step by step performing the treatment
	In-depth training on hair types/growth
	Structure of the hair
	Contra Indications/Contra Actions
	The Wax Trolley & The Wax Range
	Anatomy and physiology
	Product knowledge
	Client and personal positioning
	Health and Safety
	Hygiene (Sterilisation, sanitation and disinfection)
	Pre course Questionnaire
	Support during and after your course
	Regular follow-ups
	Basic business skills

	Understanding the product line
	Hot & Strip Wax Management
	Co ordination and control
	How to consult and understand the needs of the customer
	Standard Bikini
	VMould Technique (Hollywood/Brazilian)
	Crack & Buttocks

Learn how to believe in yourself, improve your confidence and determination
Kit Content
	1 Hot Wax 500g (up to 9 clients)
	1 Strip Wax 425g
	1 After wax Oil 500ml
	1 Ingrown Hair Terminator 250ml
	1 Equipment/Floor Cleaner 500ml
	1 100pc Luxury Strips
	1 100pc Spatulas

VMould waxing course is for people who are already wax qualified as our techniques are different to any other. Here, you will understand that co-ordination and technique is key. We will teach you our individual techniques - being a wax specialist who has a thorough but speedy technique is what is going to get the clients to return month after month.
This course is designed to build your confidence, speed, determination, drive and - last but not least - your VWax Trained Technique.
This course is suited to anyone with or without a waxing qualification. Our courses are accredited and insured by the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) & Association of beauty therapists (ABT). If you are already qualified within the industry, you can pick up continuing professional development points (CPD).
We are an award winning brand which means you are a part of our success too. You can advertise that you have invested in an award winning brand, attended award winning training and stock award winning products and become an all round winner...
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VMould Female Intimate Waxing

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