Collagen Marine Cream 30ML & Collagen Eye Gel 15ML.  

Collagen Marine Cream - 

Marine Collagen repairs skin collagen and Elastin protein fibers and produces a significant thickening outer skin surface, the (epidermis). 
This product also has a number of anti-ageing properties.  Collagen plays a vital part in the skins natural, healthy appearance. Without Collagen your skin looses elasticity and the vibrancy we associate with youth and with great looking skin. The natural Collagen peptide is hydrolysed, so that your skin is capable of quickly and effectively absorbing it.  With daily use you will soon see a very visible difference in your skins tone & texture. 

Collagen Eye Gel - 

100% Natural & Plant-based ingredients

Our collagen eye gel tightens the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines by utilising natural ingredients which are rich in pure vitamins.  This product is also anti ageing and reduces the black circles from under and around the eyes which brightens the eyes.  Containing aloe Vera and cucumber extracts. 

This product is suitable for most skin types.

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, gifted in one of our gorgeous postal boxes and the most beautiful dried flower bunch for that special someone. 

Collagen Duo For Face & Eyes