Rochell Rose Website Launch & Update!

At Rochell Rose we’re so excited to launch our brand new website. We’ve been working hard, together with an incredible team, to bring you a website which will be a hub for everything going on at the salon! During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve missed our lovely guests so much and it’s given us time to put all of our efforts into improving the Rochell Rose experience for you. We’re back and we’re stronger than ever! Read on to find out what we’ve all been up to.

The website gives you information on all of our treatments, pictures of our latest work in the gallery and the all new Rochell Rose online store. This is where you’ll be able to purchase all of our natural & cruelty free Rochell Rose Collection products with our secure checkout.

We’ll also have a blog which will be kept up-to-date with information on new treatments, in-house training, courses, products and everything else that’s going on in the salon.

What We’ve Been Up To...

Quarantine might have stopped us from pampering you all but it hasn’t stopped us from working on creating the best team possible. We’ve been studying some killer social media courses so that we can make our social channels a place you can go to for all the information you need as well as somewhere to cheer you up after a tough day. You can expect lots more videos, IGTV’s and tips and tricks from our therapists.

As you all know, Cody is a huge part of the Rochell Rose team. Her happy smile and bubbly personality are what we love about her. During lockdown she’s been busy with some management courses so that she can team up with Amy to give her a helping hand managing the salon. This will mean that Amy has more time to work on the next steps for Rochell Rose as well as seeing all of her guests more. It’s also a great opportunity for Cody to grow professionally - we’re so pleased for her!

Molly is due to go on her intimate waxing course as well as russian and hybrid lash courses in August. So now we’ll be able to get more of you in for your appointments with less wait time! Molly is a perfectionist and we can’t wait to see her take on these new treatments. We’ll let you know as soon as you can book in with her for your waxing and lash appointments. Keep your eyes peeled for special introductory offers.

Jaide is welcoming a new arrival into the world in August and we couldn’t be more excited for her. She’s already a wonderful Mum to little Freddie and we can’t wait to meet his little brother or sister when they arrive. For those of you who haven’t already been made aware, Jaide won’t be returning to the salon for now. When we feel that it’s safe for her to come back we’ll begin taking bookings. Good luck, Jaide!

Amy will be taking over the Million Dollar Facial. We know how much you all love this treatment that has previously been provided by Jaide. We knew you guys needed us to keep it on the menu so you can now receive your favourite facial from salon owner Amy. Don’t worry, we’d never take that Million Dollar Facial glow away from you! We’ll be bringing you a blog post very soon telling you all about the benefits of the celebrity adored Million Dollar Facial.

How Your Salon Experience Has Changed & How We’re Keeping You Safe

When you visit us in the salon for your appointments you’ll notice some changes to how things are usually done. Amy has been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that the salon is a safe space both for us and our guests. Although things will be different, we promise that you’ll still receive the quality experience that you’re used to from us. The most important thing for us is that you feel safe and comfortable whilst having your usual treatments.

When you arrive you’ll notice a hand sanitising station for use before your appointment takes place. It’s at this point you’ll also be provided with all of the PPE required for your appointment. There are no clear government guidelines on the official requirements for PPE in salons. Until we know for definite, we ask that you wear the full mask that we provide you with. This is for our safety, your safety and oth

er salon guests safety too. As we need to get close to your face for our treatments these masks are going to be vital in helping stopping the spread of germs.

We’ve had signage laid on the salon floors to remind everybody to stay the recommended 2m apart. It’s important that you do keep a fair distance from other people in the salon. As well as this, the layout of the salon has been altered to allow for social distancing measures. We know that this may feel slightly strange for some of you but please be assured that when things are able to, they will go back to normal.

All of the therapists will thoroughly sanitise their equipment and chairs after each appointment to ensure their station is disinfected before each new guest. They will also all be wearing full PPE which will be changed after each appointment. We know that lots of you enjoy a drink with your appointment, especially our Rochell Rose hot chocolates. However, to ensure we’re being as hygienic as possible, we won’t be serving drinks in the salon until we’re sure it’s safe to do so.

To minimise risk, we can only let those with appointments booked into the salon, this means you will need to book all of your appointments either over the phone or via Facebook messenger. We ask that you come to your appointment alone and don’t come to the salon early as we’ll have other guests in there.

We want to thank you all for your cooperation and patience during this time. Nobody has experienced anything like this before so it’s a learning curve for us all. We’re doing our best to ensure the safest salon we can for you all to come to for your ‘me time’.

We’re all so excited to see you and can’t wait to get back to pampering you all. We hope you love the new website just as much as we do!

Lots of Love,

Amy & The Rochell Rose Team x