Our Products

If you read our launch blog post you’ll know that we promised you we’d be bringing you a more in depth post on our exclusive Rochell Rose products. The team are so proud to have released our product line and were determined to make sure that it reflected our values which is why everything is completely natural, vegan and most importantly, cruelty free. All of our products are manufactured here in the UK and are fully regulated. If you follow us on social media or have been into the salon you’ll know how much we believe in the importance of self care and how good taking care of ourselves makes us feel. Now you can do this in the comfort of your own home and use our products to compliment your salon treatments.

Everything from the formula to the packaging of each product has been carefully thought out and planned by our team. We wanted them to both look great and work effectively so you can treat both yourself and your loved ones with beautifully packaged products that really work.

Rochell Rose Fake Tan

What’s better than a healthy golden glow? We all crave that sun kissed look without having to harm our skin with UV rays. A tan is a pick-me-up that is easily achievable at home with the Rochell Rose fake tan. Just like all of our products it’s completely vegan and cruelty free so you know your pamper isn’t harming animals and is full of natural ingredients.

When you apply the tan you’ll notice that it glides onto the skin for a smooth application and even finish. No clinging to tricky areas and no patches. The unique formula means you’ll get the best application possible and, because a little goes a long way, will last you longer than other tans. As the tan develops you’ll have a gorgeous golden glow, no tangerine orange colour in sight. As well as orange, we’ve also all probably experienced tans that have left us looking slightly green, this is usually because they use harsh chemicals in them. Never a good look! Our all natural product means you’ll simply look golden and glowing. The Rochell Rose fake tan will leave you sun kissed whilst ensuring that your skin is kept hydrated and silky smooth.

Once you’ve applied your tan you’re ready to go. During the first stages of production one of the key elements was to ensure it dried instantly and wasn’t sticky like some tans are. Nobody enjoys standing around waiting for their tan to dry! Our customers have noticed the distinct lack of that horrible fake tan smell that we all know too well. Say goodbye to waking up to the smell of fake tan and orange sheets from transferred tan. Our tan will leave you smelling fresh, looking golden and your sheets clean.

Coconut and Vanilla Coffee Scrub

Next up is the coconut and vanilla coffee scrub. Run yourself a hot bath and indulge in the the best pamper you’ll ever have. The benefits of this scrub are endless. From helping to fight acne and skin concerns to minimising cellulite and stretch marks, your skin will look and feel its best. As well as looking and feeling incredible, you’ll also smell divine too with the scent of coconut and vanilla. Coconut is full of anti-bacterial and anti-drying properties - it’s natures solution to dry and patchy skin.

Our gentle yet effective scrub removes dead skin cells and rough patches and is ideal for creating a perfect base for your tan and an even finish. Exfoliating is vital for healthy skin. It boosts your circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases cell turnover and increases collagen production to keep your body looking young and vibrant. We recommend exfoliating your body at least once a week for the best results. With the coconut and vanilla coffee scrub a little goes a long way so your product will last you much longer than other scrubs.

Whether it’s ensuring your skin is summer ready or removing the dead and dry skin that can occur during winter the Rochell Rose Coconut and Vanilla Coffee Scrub is a staple in your skin care and pamper night routine.

Collagen Infused Face Cream

After seeing how much all of our salon guests love our skin care treatments and facials we knew that we had to include a skin care product in our range. It’s important to us that we offer you products that we would be happy to use ourselves. The Rochell Rose face cream is 100% natural and cruelty free for a feel good pamper. As well as collagen, it’s packed full of nourishing ingredients including Vitamin C and A. Well known for their brightening qualities your skin will be left with the healthy glow we all seek.

Suitable for all ages, all of our customers can benefit from the properties of our first ever skin care product. It targets fine lines and wrinkles to keep you looking younger for longer. As well as age defying properties, your cell turnover will increase which will help to treat skin concerns such as acne and breakouts. All of this happens because of the collagen production that our cream stimulates - we knew this was the best ingredient to have in our skincare range. Getting older means we lose collagen within our skin so it’s up to us to give it a helping hand by adding it into our skin care routines. We want you to feel confident in your skin and to enjoy your self care time.

Another key ingredient is Vitamin A. Vitamin A aids your skin in its natural repairs and defences as it ages and comes into contact with everything from environmental pollution to chemicals and toxins found in everyday products. We wanted to deliver a product that helps you fight against harmful elements and keep your skin healthy, supple and looking its best.